Prayer of Confession

How awestruck we are by Your perseverance in our lives, O God.

You are patient when we wander away
and forgiving when we come running back.
We try to cover ourselves noting good intentions.
We measure our work each day and are content with, “Not bad.”

We are generous with what we do not prize;
we are compassionate when not irritable;
we love but balk at intrusions;
we are truthful when convenient,
grateful when attentive,
patient when the pressure is off.

We trust You but vie for control;
we are faithful until life is hard;
we support justice for our cause;
we are kind when eyes are on us,
obedient when it suits us,
persevering when pride’s involved.

When we come to You in prayer,
we want to shrink our sins
and coax you into believing
we are good enough.

Merciful God,
forgive us.

Cleanse us from the inside out.
Untether us from our lack-luster past
and set us full-throttle on Your course.
Summons us to be all-in disciples of Jesus Christ.