RestorationDuring the summer months of 2007, I had the extraordinary opportunity to travel to Mombasa, Kenya to help organize a school for the children of Restoration Orphanage in Bamburi.  During my time there, I chronicled my experiences and perceptions in a blog that kept me connected with my Williamson Middle School students and with Omega Chapter of DKG and Newark First United Methodist Church, both of whom were most generous with gifts that helped fund desks, books, medical kits, food and much more.

EarthquakeOn July 18, 2007, a 6.1 earthquake shook the great expanse between Nairobi and Mombasa and caused significant damage to the building we were to use as the schoolhouse.  As young hands and feet worked together to prepare the mud, older hands worked to rebuild the walls.  I speak about this in a sermon I wrote when I arrived home. Were I to narrow my experiences in Africa to one pivotal moment, this would be it.  To know more about why it changed my life, I encourage you to read “The Servant’s Gift.”

Children of RestorationStill, there are many other stories that I am ask to share from time to time.  I have included a few of them here.  May you come to know the strong, proud, loving people I met during my stay at Restoration.


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